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YMonday, October 12, 2009

Sry for not updating for a super long period.. have been busy with my stuffs. hmm.. Throughout the holi, I have gone out with 9 wonders to cele CF's bdae and to cele mooncake festival. For the gers and guys in A8A2 (Class chalet). My clique in A8A2 (cele Liyun's bdae and teo heng today. excited. w0oh0o). Celebrated Yanlin's bdae with her clique.. went out with S.T.M for k. hahas.. Went out with Xueli for a movie and dinner plus shopping ard Orchard. Went out with my god mother and family. Went out with my family to Sakura to so call 'cele' my bro's NS life..

Lastly, I have also been busy with sch stuffs. For those who dun noe.. I took up this internship to teach Home econs/F&N for 5 weeks and I have been posted to CHIJ toapayoh sec. This is my last week and last 4 days in IJ.. hahas.. For most of the gers I took in IJ, I tink they are quite well-behaved except for a handful of them.. I really experience alot throughout this internship (to get a real experience of wad tchers do and having students calling mi Miss Neo=) OMG.. I nvr dream of myself being a tcher.. hahahas. I taught them how to prepare apple crumble and cup cake. It's actually quite stress standing in front of them at first... Imagine something fails in yr hands and all eyes are on u and u are the tcher=x But I really enjoy teaching some of the classes, They ask many qns: Like tcher, what is yr name? where u stay? etc.. Ok.. They are cute la.. Like all my sisters. =)

I wake up at 4.30am everyday. Go with mum and dad to my grandma place to fetch her (CHoAChuKang) then to Mum's canteen (Bona Vista) then to refill my dad's taxi fuel then finally to sch. Today when I was going to sch in my dad's Taxi. A car was driving in the wrong lane that my father was driving in. He was like driving towards us at quite a fast speed.. Our car ALMOST collide with them, luckily, my father swerve the vehicle in time if not I would not be here telling u guys abt the story.. hahahha.. Lucky us =)

I AM WAITING FOR MY TIMETABLE!!! PLS PLS PLS be out ASAP.. hahahaha.. Jiayi is bothering mi to send her the SS501 songs but I'm too busy uploading this post. hahaha.. I'm so bad!! Actually I only wan my timetable ASAP but I dun wan sch to start that soon. Can the time slow down for mi.. hahas.


YMonday, July 20, 2009

Sch life is geting hectic with all the projects due.. and not onli that.. sem tests are appoaching!! it's fast can!! I feel like sch had just started!! We were given a chance for the teachin Internship Program.. sign up for it.. but whether I will get it.. it's all right=)

Oh ya.. My class guys sgn up for the street soccer competition and it was held today!! Sry I din go support uall.. hahas.. I believe in u guys... yeah=)
hmm.. NLS quiz last fri was screwed up.. I bang on breast milk and nutrient requirement for infant for the essay qn but nutritional concerns came out instead!! I studied all except for that part.. wasted!!! hmm.. today we ask tcher abt our ApFS proj den she told us that we must know wad are the equipments needed in a manufacturing plant instead of just using our creativity=x we were like... my heart sank=x cos wed is the report due date=x

hmm.. ApFS test this wed.. FPQA test this fri.. may I pass through the obstacles this week smoothly.. bless mi with all the good luck=)

Fri is a short day for mi.. from 10-12pm onli cos NLS lec is online.. so happy.. just know it today=) Maybe going watch harry potter with the gers on fri after our short day=))

YSaturday, July 04, 2009

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY QIN!!! Hope u have a wonderful time with yr friends at yr chalet!! Ps nvr cele yr bdae with u.. Will make up alrite? Sheng ri kuai le.. We are 18 le!! yeah! hmm.. Thanks for lending mi a listening ear when I need it.. U can be assured my ears will be free for u when u need them too.. hahas.. Love=) GOod luck in wadeva u do!! hehe.. U got do wad i asked u to do ytd not!! Put my photos all over yr hse.. so that u wun miss mi.. jkjk.. Once again Happy bdae ger=)

HAPPY ADVANCE BDAE AH XUE!!! Hope this year yr 18th bdae will be a memorable wan for u cos I cele it with you.. hahas. Jiayou for yr studies although U are v.smart already!! hhaha. hmm.. rmb go buy 4D ar.. hmm.. duno wad to say liao cos I have said it all in my previous post. lol.. hao la.. I end here.. I will wish u again on yr actual day.. hehe.. cya=)

Ytd went out with Xueli!! We met at TM at 5pm.. bought her a cute piggy with my cute voice.. lol.. HOpe u like it ah xUe.. hmm.. pass to her the present and she pass mi mine.. thanks lots ger for that cute pouch that u claimed u search long for.. lol.. hmm.. We went from tampines mall tampnes 1 and back and forth duno how many to decide wad to eat den in the end we ate long john at tampines mall. hahas.. hmm.. went for movie ( Ice age 3) but din buy the 3D cos the tickets were selling real fast!! and the seats were not so good.. hahas. Sry wor no time buy cake for u!! hmm.. but u know i love u as much.. keep to our promise we will buy cake and cele on national day!! hahas.. U make me so PS in the movie la!! Play my voice so loud.. lol.. hmm.. She nvr fail to make mi smile=) after movie, went Forlick for the yoghurt.. yummy den back to Boonkeng to chit chat den Home sweet home.. Looking forward to nxt holi.. so can meet u up=) must be so touched I post so long abt u=p

The monkey pouch she bought for mi

Mi and ah xUe at Forlick=)

Our yoghurt!!!

CLose up yoghurt=)

Th present wrapper she draw.. you xin le.. hehe

This is also the present wrapper, Back view.. I'm the fary above.. u are the monkey below.. hahas=p

Outside cinema 4=)

Below the bear bear is the presentbox I got for her.. Our tickets and 2 friendship band we bought tog=)

Look at the skins of the chicken we ate.. It's half the height of the drink!!!!

And look at a skinless and chicken with skin.. quite a big difference.. Now I know why they earn so much.. opps

Our meal!!!

Click 5 (Jiayi, Jingyuan, Liyun and Yanzhi) give mi a belated bdae pressie on tues=) Thanks lots gers!! Love the present plus the card.. hehe.. thanks for the shared present with the class plus the indvidual present from uall.. haha.. Was surprised la!! Love uall alot alot.. yeah!! muacks=) ps: Jiayi, hopr yr ear faSter recover so that u can hear my beautiful voice clearer that way.. hahas.. I know u are super happy to hear my voice.. lol. oh ya.. and thanks Jingyuan for the bdae card cum meaningful msgs inside!! I will learn from it.. thanks for sharing them with mi=) Thank you Yanzhi for the extra effort to ask yr fren to make the card plus yr wonderful colouring skills!! hehe.. And everyone who wrote on that card: Click 5, BK, Jake, YS and Ms Verena!!

The back of the card and the pressie=)

The back of the card=)

Front view of the card=)

The pressie (A make up pouch and lip gloss)

YSunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday wishes from SMS:
1) Juline
2) Jess
3) Eunice
4) Huiwen
5) Nasihah
6) Yvonne
7) Liyun
8) ROy
9) Xueli
10) Jiayi
11) Joyce
12) Chwa
13) Bookeong
14) CHiwfoong
15) Yanlin
16) Suqin
17) Shuying
18) Jingyuan
19) Shiqa

Bdae wishes from Facebook:
1) Cassandra
2) Chloe
3) Jiamin
4) Aiwei
5) Nazeerah
6) Linjia
7) Dalvyn
8) Jocelyn
9) Jason
10) Jiaying
Thanks alot alot for rmbing my special and impt day to mi=) I love my 18th bdae.. hmm.. outing with GC on sat i will update soon. sry for the delay=x ALthough there is little disappointment.. I shall not say much. but This yr is better den last yr and I oveall enjoyedmy 18th bdae.. thank you every single person whu play a part in it=)
This is the photo book given by 9 wonders nice rite? love it=)

Bdae card from Jeehou=)

3 masks, 1 eyeliner and 1 eyeliner brush from Bk, Jy,SHiqA, Nasihah, Huiwen, Michelle, Liyun, Yanzhi, Jiayi, YS=)

Bdae card from Nasihah love=)

Bdae letter from Liyun1! This y upgade le.. Got yellow paper.. Last yr is white. lol..

Nail polisher and Nail art stickers from Yvonne love=)

A plant, bracelet and note from Yanlin love=) She travel all the wy to cityhall on sat just to pass mi my present den i still late=x haas.. sry sry.. I v.gandong=)

Winnie the pooh cushion from 9 wonders love=)

Sony ericsson HP from mummy=)
From cousins love=)
Necklace from God mother love=)
Ang bao from Daddy, My maternal and paternal grandma and My uncle=)

26th June

Went out with 9 wonders=) As usual the cele was full of surprises and mystery.. I dun even know where we are going.. hahas.. met Yvonne and Chiwfoong at ard 5plus.. sry wor waste yr time trying to get mi but I din pick up the calls. Then after that met Jess, CHwa and Roy at FIsh & Co. Hahas.. hmm.. Order our food, eat etc.. den after that Jess asked the person to serve the cake without mi knowing.. When the staff came.. they ask mi to sit on this tall chair in the middle of FIsh & Co. den the staff alert the whole shop that it's my bdae.. they cheer their fsh and co cheer and sang bdae song. the moment I was super ps.. I feel like digging a hole and bury myself in it.. lol.. after that, cut cake and eat.. Thanks guys for the fish and Co treat=)

Next stop.. FOuntain!! haha.. They rush mi to the fountain to c their delication for mi!! hahas.. I was surprised although i roughly can guess cos got other ppl da delication. haha.. The song they delicate was Graduation by Vtamin C.. The video is in facebook. Check it out!!! after the wonderful moment..

Next stop is singapore flyer!! They still bluff mi say wad go c chicken.. hahas.. hmm.. then half way Yvonne, Jess and Chwa MIA. Left mi, CF and Roy.. hahas.. Guess where they go.. They told mi they mi lu but actually go write my bdae booklet!! hahas.. so sweet of u guys=) i Love the booklet super lots=) It's full of memory that we created tog!!
We got the whole cabin to ourselves and we started cam whoring in the cabin.. hahas. hmm.. all photos can be found in facebook. Blogger load v.slow. I lasy. psps.. hee.. if i got the time i will go upload in this blog.

I really c the wonderful effort put in by u guys.. from coming to the photobook, to acting to trying to convince mi, buying the present and every ting!!! really so touched!! It's my best bdae ever=)

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